The corruption is deep and scary. America has embraced the rot.


Senators will vote today on Jeff Sessions’ nomination as Attorney General of the United States. It seems almost certain that Senator Sessions will pass the Senate, but he ought not to do so. At the very least, it will be incumbent on patriotic Republicans and Democrats, and, failing that, patriotic lawyers willing to bring cases, to demand that Sessions recuse himself from any and all investigations concerning Russian hacking of the election, the Department of Justice investigation into corruption and election interference by the FBI field office in New York and the NYPD, and any investigations involving Steve Bannon or Trump or Breitbart campaign staff, past or present.

Part One: Sessions – Suspect or Material Witness in Any Russian Hacking Inquiry

Jeff Sessions Recruited Carter Page, Under FBI Investigation

Even those who are only loosely following the Russian hacking story must be aware of the names of Carter Page and Paul Manafort, and…

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